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Founded in 1988, CMW has 28 years guitar building experience in China! We aims to encourage and educate guitarists on the wonders of building your own guitar. The kits we supply come bare and unfinished with all the required components for completion. We aim to provide a superior quality of service and good value, quality, products that suit the needs of our customers. Information on building guitars and luthier resources can be found on our , comments and feedback are essential to our business so please contact us at info@ChinaMusicWorld.com. If you have any queries, product requests or concerns.


These kits are modelled on traditional designs in the style of major brands for whom we have no affiliation, we do not attempt to replicate the genuine branded products nor do we encourage customers to do either. Any mentioning of brands or tradmarked products is purely to provide descriptive matter about our products.

Our factory workers can repair guitars, basses and violins for you, on top range instruments and affordable models and is accommodating for any level of musician.

We offer a variety of services including; setups, rewiring, customising, pickup installation, pot and jack replacement, refretting, fret leveling/crowning and much more, we have a full list of prices for the most common work, please contact us on our support line if you have a problem that is not listed.

With our guitar kits we can do custom changes to most parts please email for more details.

If you have a badly set up guitar it will directly affect your playing and enjoyment of the instrument, guitar makers expect you to take your guitars to a guitar tech to have them set up to your own preferences.

Guitars will change from year to year so it is good that have them set up and checked out at least once a year, leaving a problem too long could damage the instrument beyond repair. We offer setups and customisation from our specialist via courier service.

Contact email: info@ChinaMusicWorld.com

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